My Approach
Life inevitably presents its fair share of stresses, disappointments, and challenges. Therapy offers an opportunity to address these and any other aspects of your own life that feel unsatisfying or unfulfilling. As your therapist, I want to help you process and understand your feelings, thoughts, memories, and relationships. You and I will work collaboratively to explore what feels painful and challenging, figure out what changes you want to make, and help you develop skills to feel happier and more at ease. One of my primary goals is to help you gain greater insight into different behavior patterns and relationships, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness, and subsequently, more effective ways of interacting with others and with the world. I will provide a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can freely and comfortably share your story.
I have been trained in a variety of treatment approaches, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, short-term psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family and couples work, and group therapy. As a result, I can tailor my approach to suit the personality and needs of a particular client. I want you to feel like your problems are being addressed in a practical way, but also that I am committed to helping you understand yourself more intimately and to helping you figure out how and why your problems arose in the first place. I believe that understanding and self-awareness are key elements of healing.